Sunday, 25 January 2015

Teacher Presents ... Cookie Boxes ...

Well I may be a little late with this as we are now coming to the end of January, but I wanted to show you my teacher Christmas presents from last year because I absolutely loved them.

I decided that this year I was going to come up with one idea and do it for everyone. By 'everyone' I mean teachers, carers, friends, aunts and uncles, cousin, etc...

So I have always been praised on my baking so I though what a perfect idea to make everyone a box of my most favourite Christmas Cookies.

Well easier said than done really ... I had worked out that I needed to make 25 boxes of cookies and with each box containing 10 different flavours of cookie and then at least 2/3 of each flavour, suddenly I was preparing to make 500-750 cookies. Ekkkkk

I also failed to mention that my youngest baby boy was born on November 22nd...

Ohhhh so cute!

Anyway I had to get my baking on straight away or I knew I was never going to get those cookies ready on time.

For flavours I went for
  • Christmas Choc-Chip Cookies
  • Snowflake Cookies
  • Red Velvet
  • Gingerbread Men
  • Oreo Peppermint Crunch
  • Jam Drops
  • Ginger Doodles
  • White Choc Cranberry
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

So I started by making measuring out double batches of each different cookies and placing all the ingredients into labelled snap lock bags. For example I had all the dry ingredients for my gingerbread cookies in one bag, and all the wet in another.

Then it was time to make up the doughs. I did a couple of these a day to try and spread out the time I was spending in the kitchen. I had to work around naps, feeding, picking up children from child care and kindy etc.

This step consisted of using my pre-measured ingredients and mixing them up into the ready dough. Then using my LOVED ice cream scoop I divided all the dough onto lined baking trays and placed the trays into the freezer. I had a lot of cookie balls so I used some 'in between paper' between each layer of balls.

After a couple of hours, or overnight depending on my mood, I would take them out of the freezer and load them all into a large snap lock bag and placed them back into the freezer for storage. This processed helped me to ensure that I was giving each different person a box full of freshly baked cookies.

The next step was actually baking the cookies. I was lucky that I didn't need to give out these 25 boxes all on the same day, and I was actually able to spread it into 3 batches of 8/9 boxes each. The rest was time consuming, but relatively straight forward. I just took out the amount of cookies I needed of each flavour, lined then along my bench, let them defrost for a couple of minutes and then cooked them in batches in the oven.


I forgot to mention before that three of my cookie flavours were roll out cookies and with them I had to divide the dough into three to freeze, then rolled and cut the cookies when I was baking them.

Bagging and boxing...


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