Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Organised First Aid Boxes

Now maybe it's just me but when it comes to a First Aid kit in the house I go above and beyond to make sure that mine is completely stocked to the high heavens. 

With three little ones running around it's fair to say that we reach for these boxes about as frequently as I reach for cereal boxes.

Sometimes it seems that a day doesn't go by without a graze or sore that needs a band-aid whether I can actually see it or not!

And without a doubt high temperatures, coughing fits, congestion, and head aches all tend to occur either in the middle of the night or after hours. So to me it's so important that my first aid kit has everything I could possibly need.

Which is what has lead to it now taking up an entire shelf in my cupboard! So to help keep this space organised first I divided my first aid supplies into six categories - Band-aids - Pain Relief - Bandages and Dressings - Creams and Ointments - Cold and Flu - Children's Medication.

I found these stackable containers at my local cheap shop for $2 each, which I loved. They have this handy lip at the top which is create for lifting them in and out of the cupboard. I also love that they are solid and plastic, which makes them easy to wash should something spill out accidentally.

And finally I made this awesome and easy to read labels using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and some vinyl. I love using vinyl labels for projects which may require cleaning or wiping down as I know that they would go anywhere.

If you want to see how I keep track of all my First Aid Supplies check out my post about my First Aid Kit Checklist.

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