Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Organised School Memory Box

As it is the middle of the summer holidays here I am in a full de-cluttering swing. This mini project actually came out of clearing out my study area for a little mini revamp/reno that is in the process of happening.

I found several folders of artwork and memorabilia from two of my kiddies various years through care and school just waiting on a shelf for me to get too. And what better time to sort and organise school paper than right before we head back for another year.

Well I'm so glad that I finally got to it. It was a fairly quick and simple little project and even my kids were able to help me to sort through the piles and divide into child, and year (and even a keep/trash pile).

So here they are ...

I went with a subway style art front to distinguish between boxes, which was something that I've had saved on my computer for years wait for the right project to pair it with.

I found these 30L File Boxes at Officeworks for 1/2 price a couple of months back and they have been sitting in my garage for exactly this reason, but they are usually pretty reasonable priced. They are perfect because they are stackable, fairly deep, they come with a lip at the top for hanging files, and their lid means that you can have tabs on top of your files without any problems.

These clear suspension files came from Kmart in a packet of 10 for $7 and I just love the size and that you can see through them.

I used my label maker with it's amazing clear tape to add some labels to the taps to make flicking through to the right year quick and easy.

The title pages is probably my favourite part of all. A quickly little snapshot of the year in each file. Feel free to download my PDF and print off your own.

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