Monday, 8 February 2016

Organising Hair Supplies

My daughter has what I like to affectionately called 'unable to wear down hair'. I wonder if there are any others out there?

It is gorgeously long and perfectly curly, but there is no way I can leave it down. It falls in her eyes, ends up in her cereal, it's just a hot mess. I love to do her hair though so it's not all bad.


So because of this we have a good supply of hair accessories. Brushes, combs, ties, clips, head band etc.

For the last few years all these hair supplies have lived in a small Ikea drawer. The drawer has lived in her room, in the cupboard in the bathroom, on the counter, and most recently inside one of the armrests in the couch. The reason for its constant movement is that I just haven't been able to find a convenient place for it to live.

I find myself doing her hair in one of two places each morning and evening. Either on a chair while she watches TV (hence why it lived in the armrest), or at the counter while she eats breakfast.

It wasn't until the other morning, while I was holding the end of her braid and digging through the drawer to find a small hair elastic that I realised that the whole system just wasn't working for me. So I set out to find something that would be easier.

Firstly the kids helped me to tidy the drawer and sort everything into small snap lock bags so that they were more easily accessible. But I still wasn't happy with it. Getting hair ties out of snap lock bags (especially when your daughter wants the pink one at the very bottom!) in the middle of doing hair wasn't a simple task.

In a brainwave moment I decided I wanted to transfer everything to a compartment tray. That was it could remain being portable, while everything was in easy reach when doing hair. I found a Multi Use Organiser Box in the sewing section at my local Big W for $10. It was perfect because the four rows had removable dividers, which meant I was able to create the compartments the size that I needed them.

I created 8 sections with 2 large, 2 medium and 4 small.


Hair Ties
Hair Elastics

Bun Holders
Sectioning Clips
Head Bands

It all fitted in perfectly like this:

Now I know that this would have been a quick five minute project if I had just left it like that. But it was looking so plain and sad that I wanted to give it a little extra love.

So I set to work making up some vinyl labels on my Silhouette Cameo. I wanted a label for the front, and also some labels and lining for each of the compartments.

The lid was easy enough. I just cut out some pretty purple vinyl with a little picture of a comb and attached it to the top.

QUICK TIP - If you ever find yourself without any backing paper and you are wanting to create a vinyl label, painters tape works just as well. Use one with a really low tack and it works a treat! I got mine from Bunnings, but you can pick it up at your local hardware or painting store.

I figured that attaching some craft paper to the outside of the box at the back would be the most hard wearing, as hands would constantly be reaching into the inside on the container. So I measured and cut some craft paper, attached the labels and glued them to the back.

Then I coated it all in Mod Podge in case it got wet or torn from always being moved around.

There you have it. A nice neat and organised place for all my daughters hair supplies.


  1. Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing at our Tips & Tricks Link Party. :)

  2. That's such a cute idea! I've found a great way to carry stuff on the go is to put my hairbands on a carabiner clip so they don't get lost!