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Hello... and welcome over to Living Organised!

I'm Kerry, the blogger behind the blog and I'm so glad that you have stopped by to have a look.

Living Organised isn't a statement about my life, it's a goal that I'm striving towards. It's something that I want to achieve through all aspects of my life.

I think that it is safe to say that when it come to organising I have quite serious OCD. I like to go big or go home. I am a perfectionist and I hate when things don't go my way. However, I have learnt a lot since having children, especially that sometimes you have to let go and let some things slide.

Being a perfectionist doesn't mean that my house is perfect - because it definitely isn't, or that it is always tidy - because it is not - like ever!!! But when it came to creating something pretty I hate putting in all the effort to do a half way job. In saying that I am more than happy to leave things undone if my inspiration disappears and pick it up again when I am ready.

Speaking of inspiration, what drives my needs to organise - and label - everything is my family. I loved that I have the opportunity to be a Mum. It was my greatest wish in life and I'm now living my dream of being a Stay At Home Mum to my three little kiddies.

If being a mum has taught me anything it is that time is precious and you only get a limited amount of it each day. Whether it is the time in the morning before everyone needs to be dressed and out the door or the time it takes to feed, bath and get everyone into bed.

My kids are growing up so fast, you blink and you've missed it.

Being organised has helped to give us time back some lost time

The time you spend head first in a kitchen cupboard looking for the matching lid to a container.

The time you spend searching the house for the pair of shoes Number 1 was wearing just yesterday, but have seems to vanish off the face of the Earth today.

The time hunting through the endless pieces of paper that make their way into the house, for that electricity bill that you know must be overdue.

It might seem simple ... but organisation has saved us hours each week. Hours that we can instead be using together, as a family.

Family is everything to me. Just being able to sit around the dinner table at the end of the day and enjoy a meal together and a chat make all my daily stresses worthwhile. So last of all our family wouldn't be complete without my amazing childhood sweetheart husband. He has always be so supportive of my crazy organisational, OCD, perfectionist ways - even if he doesn't follow my systems sometimes...

Life wouldn't be that same without him...

I have been reading and following so many blogs for years. The only problem that I find is that 90% of them are based in the US. I'm so South Australia and rarely find other blogger from around my area. I dream of all of these amazing organising gems that I read about in blogs. I think if I were to ever visit America my first stops would be Wallmart, The Container Store, The Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Target. The shops we have here just don't seem to compare.

However, that was the driving force behind finally sitting down to create my own blogs. I want to let others out there know even without those stores you can still find the items necessary to help you live a more organised life.

I hope there are other Aussie's out there who will take the time to follow along with me as I start this journey, and I hope to let some US readers into our life to see how we live down here on the other side of the world.

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